February 2022

Things are really starting to move along for the Tack of the Town store. We are excited that concrete is almost done! The weather has been so bad it has really put us behind schedule. When our building is complete, we will be the largest English and Western store in Mississippi for sure, maybe even the south. We are working to make everything equal for all disciplines so that everyone that rides will be able to find what they need and want. 

There will be another surprise in our store in Hazlehurst, but I'm keeping that on the DL for now. Let's just say I'm pretty sure no other tack shop will have what we are putting in this shop! 

We are excited that the store will be on our farm. Our customers are already like family, this will just drive that home. We love getting to know everybody and the horses in their life. We will have a big front porch for welcoming y'all in! 

We will also be offering some higher end feeds such as Buckeye, Hallway and I believe Bluebonnet feeds. There will also be plenty of supplements to get your horse going in whatever direction they need to go in. 

We also plan on having a dog section because let's face it, aren't most horse people dog people too?? The store will be mostly pet friendly and will have a fenced in dog yard out front for those of you that travel with your guys! 

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